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8/5/2010 Thursday Night Ride

Tonight was Dan’s Birthday and it was his turn and honor to create the ride. Today’s exploration took us almost due west as we were aiming for the ‘Other’ side of telegraph road. What, not in Detroit anymore sounded like a lot of fun to me. We took off on McGraw as Dan brought us west we all took turns swinging high and low along numerous side streets that flank Michigan Ave. He led us into a back road that circumnavigates to the South of the City of Dearborn Municipal Complex. Wow this is way cool and to all of us, unknown until just then.

Making our way across Telegraph and sidewalks that travel in the opposite direction is always a bit unnerving for me but what the hell? I mean the Beatles sang about being one’s birthday. We landed at a Glass Making Factory/Education Training Center which was hosting an open house party/fundraiser so that locals could see what was going on. The work was great, the Artist were talented-cool, the directors had light beaming out of their eyes and of course the Beer was great for Motor City Brewery had donated most of it. It was a bit obvious that we were not dressed for the part but none the less were all well received. First by virtue of our travels and then again as the word got out, by the virtue and purity of the beverage’s all were enjoying.

Dan’s lovely wife Val showed up with their two almost twin like butterfly children they created. The butterfly dance engulfed Dan’o in a cloud of loving irresistibility as he was ushered away off from us to look, see and check out the event, Val and I had a chance to talk and enjoy some wonderfully honest conversation. Hate to break it to all the studs out there, without the balance and reason of a good woman a man cannot transcend the distance between his head, then to his heart and finally onto his feelings. Their beauty is the center of the tree of life and to which only confronted with are we inspired to change.

A few minutes on I had to wonder about Jen and our butterflies? Man I wish I had learned more about the plan and had been able to invite them in to visit with their two friends and enjoy Dan’s birthday with a night all out together. Feeling homesick I started to chide a little saying that I was going to take off and head home. Remembering and listening to the children’s voices, my own self created heartache was tugging and pulling at my legs, calling me home. Dan asked for a few minutes more and was not to be denied. The way home was similar to the way there as we darted and swooped in an explorative manner. The roads to the north and south of Michigan Ave., all the way back home.
Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.

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