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Thursday Night Training Ride 5/27/2010

Around 5 o’clock I decided to just go.  I had been waiting all week to hit it hard and push myself to the limit.  With track stick on board I decided to take the Far East route into the city.  One that has been traveled many times but is now for the most part all but forgotten?  Lincoln through R0yal Oak and onto Hilton is always fun.  Hilton and slipperiness on through various neighborhoods back onto John R. for some muscle and announcement, ‘Hey Cars bikes are allowed on the road too’.

The heat seemed to have had an affect on the street walkers as all the ladies were absent from their usual corners.  Once around the Henry Ford Model T plant John R. feels great and is always worth the trip.  A few times on tonight’s ride I slowed way down and tried to reach out into the bright parts of various neighborhood-collections.  Passing through the Boston Edison district I saw to neighbors, one w-ite and one b-ack working on their yards stopping at the kerb to catch up and say hi, I waved and said to myself, at the end of the day this is really what the city is all about.  Race, sexual orientation, religion, pro life vs whatever…? Who cares???  If you feel good that’s all that matters.  If you keep it real then it is.

Passing by the DIA I found my vigorous passion once again and was moving hot my way on through down to the MCB for a break once again.  Tonight I was able to sit at the bar, (did not stink to bad, no meat = no smell 🙂 It was fun getting to know the people who had been smellingly-serving me all of these years.  A fine fellow even accepted my offer to buy him a beer as we talked about sponsoring a bike ride out of the city, up to Cranbrooke and back again?  (Any one who is interested contact Dan at the Brewery for scheduling a date and time).  Saying my goodbyes, I took my aching thighs and walked out the door once again.

I took it slow through Wayne State Campus as many upon many people were walking numerous imaginary trails almost as in like a make believe world of their own.  I decided to surf instead of shred for in the end which one really feels better? Is becoming older/more mature mean that I can now realize when to turn off the spew of self centered dew?  Geeese I hope that this is true!

Second on up to Mr. Palmers Fountain/End I turned right this time and decided to Bomb Woodward up to Ferndale to visit Matt who did not make tonight’s ride.  Rosie O’Gradies is the place to be if your single and available.  All who are please see for yourself.  Not pretentious, not attempting to be perfect, only good enough to look, feel and smell good, male or female, what else would you really want anyways?

I decided to load the bike up on Matt’s trusted bike rack and take a pickup truck bike ride through the back streets that connect us all from anywhere on home.

Bike Detroit J. Meyers bike explorer


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