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Thursday Night Ride 5/20/2010

Mike made the call that he was in along with Matt and Dan, we were a tight group of four.  Tonight’s journey was to ye old tap room on the east side.  We make this ride at least a once every year as the place is considered by many to have the finest beer selection, period.  As we began our ride on Canfield left I decided it was time to start to push the speed up a bit, as all present were good with a bike and we could maintain the speed as a group, 16mph was the bottom tonight. 

Big Mike has never really cared for this run as the time he was present 3 years ago it was shall we say a little tense going through some of the neighborhoods NE of Jefferson.  This time we dipped south of Jefferson and hit Freud street so as to miss the chance at any ‘Human’ friction, (you see we avoid amped up car energy as well as amped up human/neighborhoods as well).  We made a stop at Algonquin Park to show mike the Romanesque water entry steps were he and his lovely wife Lisa could walk their kayak’s into and onto the Detroit river.  From there it was up and on over to the tap room.

Matt said he had never been here before? Thought he had been at least once?  A few Belgium selections were well received and soon we were oft at a higher clip pushing our way back across the rail road track overpass and on to Goethe once again. Coming west we had fun with all of the switch back turns along this street.  As we approached the point of Mt. Elliot the question was posed, do we make a river run?  The group decided naa and we peddled back quick to the MCB.  Dan and I went home to the family and Mike and Matt went in for the best Pizza in town. 

Bike Detroit!  J. Meyers bike explorer 

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