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Thursday Night Ride 5/6/2010

Today’s Journey brought us straight north through Wayne state campus on our way to second ave all the way North into the tails of Palmer Park.  We made an honoree loop around Mr. Palmers Log Cabin which is starting to show signs of dis-repair.  A large poison ivy vine has been climbing on the chimney and is breaking down the pitch that connects and seals the logs of the cabin.  This Saturday My hope is to cut this vine off and stop the decay before it gets too bad.  With all of the History of this man we all could not believe the city was going to stand by and watch this happen?  Is there anyone out there that could champion the restoring and elucidate the citizenry of the historical significance of the land and the man who donated it to us?

With the loop being made we headed into the forest to show Dan and Derek where the trail heads were and where we would be, come Saturday morning.  From there on we headed further north to the area that we have proposed building an Urban Farm Hub in conjunction with the Cities Department of Recreation. Our meeting is scheduled for May 13th and we will post what happens so that all may enjoy the transformation that is afoot.  Stepping into the meadow expanse we were all excited by what the canvas that stood before us could be. 

Making our way South along the East side forest line Derek discovered first the native woodland understory masses including a nice cloud of trillium.  From there we were back on the asphalt trail and out onto 7 mile.  Heading west we made our way to Parkside and turn left down the mile long residential road that abuts and forms the western boundary of the Detroit Country Club Golf Course.  The old growth trees and magnificent homes are well worth the visit as we found that one could exit onto 6 mile by foot if you just simply opened the gate to do so. 

With the gate closed behind us we were off west on 6 mile to the first side street.  Turning right we made our way back north to Curtis a.k.a. 61/2 mile.  Turning left we made our way past Wyoming to the first Side Street then North to Tom’s Tavern once again.  There we met one of the founders of Wolverine Brewing Company.  At 70 plus Earl still plays hockey and offered many a fine tail of his own.  Bob Ericson was on hand and a welcome sight from 7 or so years ago as a once neighbor and a part of my life’s history it was good to catch up with him after all these years, (side note Bob was directly responsible for introducing me to Honest John which is how I became involved with bike riding in the city).

From there we were oft heading East then South down Cherrylawn.  As Cherrylawn was about to become a dead end we slid further east and made our way to Greenlawn whereas we turned and headed South and onto the South bound Lodge Service Drive.  Surprisingly enough the service drive had zero, yes that means nada, zilch, zip cars.  Apart from being a little loud it was clear and fun as we all took turns sweeping back and forth across both lanes in lazy ‘S’ arch’s which were freeing as well as fun! 

From there we made our way down to the Woodbridge tavern that we had been hearing so much about especially the food reviews.  Well they were right the food was fantastic as the Asparagus tart slowly disappeared from my plate not leaving a crumb or trace of its prior position in front of me, I thought tha this place is great!  Our waitress leaned over the table to comment on Derek’s tattoo’s and then you will never guess what happened next?  Thunder, naa na na na na naaa, Thunder strike!  I had to back my chair up to get out of the way of electricity that was flowing across the table.  Needless to say Derek ditched us or was it we that left him there?  In any event as a single and available good hearted man all we could do is wish him well and we were on our way.

Bike Detroit!  J. Meyers bike explorer

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