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Second Thursday Ride 4/22/2010

With our friendly Icelandic Volcano keeping many a traveler at bay we were joined by a British fellow who had been stuck in the suburbs and was interested in joining us on our ride this evening.  We had a decent group turn out with Jen, Matt, Tom & Sal, Ted, Dan and the Brit who was about my size and fit well on one of my bikes from the collection.  Practicing group I abandoned my preset course to take people north on thru Palmer Park to show them the woodland trails we will be working on May 8th and instead brought everyone east down Canfield.

The Heidelberg project felt ominous today, more like a church or a cemetery, peaceful and profound!  We stopped and took a few photos while enjoying the energy of peace and reverence, ala the street- scape temple.  From there it was down to the waterfront for some fast and slick cornering all the way to Andrews pub were we stopped for a brew. 

Abba was playing and the big burly bar tender was elucidating our minds with, “feel good music”.  Ted on the other hand could not stop complaining about the tunes?  Whatever, to each his own and do please enjoy!  From there on we dragged raced down Jefferson on up and past the Ren Cen.  From there we made our way back north and onto the Brewery for some food and suds.  Not Epic, not strenuous, just a group effort that took in a Brit, showed him around and had a good time.

Bike Detroit!  J. Meyers

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