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Birmingham Trail Ride 9/15/09

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Big Mike made it in on an earlier flight and with his new ride he can pack his bike internally so whilst at the airport it is free from the elements.  Starting with a mad dash across Southfield Road we hit our first little trail section commonly known as Golden Gate Park.  Up and over the Earthen Burm we headed across the service drives and 696 and snaked our way onto Rackham drive,.  Following the Arch onto Saratoga we did a left right switch back across evergreen and went west on Winchester.  Crossing over at the light at Lasher we went to the north of the elementary school and headed onto Chatsford Circut Street, flowing left onto Twyckingham Way we made our way to Bell Road and hung a right and soared down the hill.  To the crest and a quick left onto Valley Crest Lane, flowing left we headed to the turn around and darted into the woods at the trail head.

We call this area ‘The Ridge’ Virgin Watershed Topography with a 60-70 foot glacial ridge.  That’s right. No exaggeration.   Big Mike was surprised by the energy, the release, the monstrous trees, the amazing sweeping downhill and the damn DNR bridge over the Rouge.  This place is absolutely incredible!!!  Once across the bridge we slapped um hard uphill and exited onto Streamwood.  Still climbing up almost to 12 mile you start to go back down hill, hard right onto the side walk adjacent to 12 mile we hit speeds of 34.50 MPH.  That’s right man, How many trails have we been on that can give us a thrill like that?

Over the Rouge and up the other side we took a hard right onto Bell road, stood up and climbed to the crest and made a hard left onto Belle Brooke Street as we followed the Bike path signs.  We hugged 12 mile on the sidewalk, crossed over Lasher, and zipped down across Evergreen.  As we approached the Southfield-Lathrup High School we jumped the kerb, cut across 12 mile onto Heritage lane north.  Right onto North-brook Drive and Right again then we turned left on Westbrook Pkwy.  North to Hickory Leaf Street we turned right and crossed over another tributary of the Rouge that some civil engineer decided should be piped underground as it crosses south over 12 mile.  (How cool would it have been to keep the watershed topography or in other words the rhythm of the earth in tact as it made its way along the East side of the high-school and through Lathrup Village?)  Anyways, we turned left on Rock Creek Drive and flowed all the way up and out to the light at 13mile.  Crossing over the grass and onto the sidewalk we turned left and made our way over to Churchill Drive flowing around the bend and slightlyWest we entered into the south entrance of Beverly Hills Village park.  Steep Climb up the sledding hill we stopped to catch our breath, take in the view and drop and give the hill what we had.

Sliding down of the Northwest corner we entered into the woods flying, mushy wood-chips sucked our tires in, dropped gears and made our way through the forest and out to Beverly Road.  Left turn made we sprinted back to evergreen and made a fast right flying down hill and once again over the Rouge.  We made a hard left and entered in on Village drive.  Flowing this all the way to the end you will notice a white chip stone path that leads into the Forest.  Flowing right  on the path and through the first section of the woods we turned right onto the gravel service drive that heads west along the south side of the Waste treatment plant.  Following the trial up the hill and to the right you follow the river on the North side as we both enjoyed some of the best damn mountain biking trails you can find in all of Metro Detroit.  Climbs, switchback, swizeleanies, tight twisty handlebar catches!  As we approached the bend in the river we caught site of a couple of old friends with their hip waders on, standing in the river along with their Springer Spaniels have a good time.  Hellos said, we continued on, through a nice back yard and made our way onto East lady Drive.

More hills we climbed our way up to 14mile made a quick right along the shoulder and then turned left on Crosswick Road.  Left onto Fox Chase, then north to the dead end at Middlebury lane.  We turned right and headed back over Evergreen left onto Lincoln and then a quick right onto Hillside drive we made our way down onto Green Lawn and from there we turned left onto Northlawn Blvd.  Along the golf course the view is beautiful.  Starting down the Hill just before the Rouge Bridge once again you make a hard and fast left onto Fairway.  At the bend on Fairway, just as it starts to swing wide west we jumped the kerb and followed the riverside trail all the way up to Lincoln.  Crossing over Lincoln we stayed on the sidewalk that skirts the river and turned right onto the wood-chip path entering into Linn Smith Park.

We followed the river’s edge path all the way across the foot bridge and onto 15 mile.  It was time to stop and push um up as we caught our breath.  From there it was onto Dick O’ Dows entering in through the alley way we gave the pavement another set of push-ups before we headed in for a beer.  It seemed like it has been a year since we made the full trail loop.  Having only time for one Big Mike started to push down Pierce as we made our way back to Lathrup Village.  With sustained speeds of 25mph on mountain bikes, (that’s right Roadies, we have hair on our legs too), we gave the last 1/2 mile south of Beverly the saggy swizzle.  Back and forth across the road like a snake we were flying freedom.  Once home we said our goodbyes until we do it again.  Bike Metro Detroit trails!!!

J. Meyers bike explorer


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