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Sunday Serenade 9/06/09

Fellow Bike Detroit Member big Mike made his way down to the Bike the Bridge event early Sunday morning. The plan was to meet him after the ride down at the Atwater Brewery upon his return. Coming in from the Suburbs again was wonderful. Down some new and well traveled streets the people who were out were friendly and celebrating the Holiday weekend. After 17 miles I stopped at Honest Johns to say hello and take in some extra fluids. From there it was down Cass and left onto Grand river as I made may way into Campus M. enjoying the pedestrian only aspect of Woodward Ave. Yeeeee Haaaaaaw.

Headed to Jefferson and swung left to avoid the Jazz fest crowds, then right down along the East end of the G.M. Complex and then onto the river walk. Kids, fountain splashes, fun laughter were all around. It feels good sliding slow on through and around all the wonderful kids, Moms and dads. Into the comfort station I had to shark the wheelhouse now that we finally have some shirts to wear. From there on out the Belle Isle for the short loop, (midway left turn near the Conservancy-Old Aquarium) and then on back to Atwater to meet big Mike and the Tour Bus full of bikes? No show, nothing open, Andrews closed to, what? A few texts later I was on my wonderful way back home.

Up through Greek Town and back on over to Cass I stopped at the Old Miami as Andrew, (CCS Graduate, turned Landscape Artist) said they were having a Fund Raiser to be used as legal fees to fight the 5′ property line dispute with Wayne State University. Come on everyone Adverse Possession is hard to if ever overturn. Why fight? Split the difference? From there it was around the corner with a brief stop in at the Motor City Brewery I caught up with a few employees I haven’t seen in a while, Holiday good cheer stated and done, big Mike called and told me he was just getting into his Van and where could we meet? To that the reply was “On Second Avenue, try to catch me before Palmer Park”.

With the Wind at my back I slapped em hard and let it all goa! Through Wayne State Campus, Sprint up to the Fisher Building all the way to Henry Ford’s First Grand Estate, stopped, dropped and gave the earth 25. Called Mike to say hey where you at? On Second down Near the University was his reply. I remounted and pushed as hard as I could all the way to 6 mile. I circled around a few times and behold there was big Mike in the Golden Minivan. He opened the hatch, bike went in and we were off to the Stone House to catch a brew and talk about his journey and the history he learned while he was in Sandwich Town. Bike Detroit!

J. Meyers bike explorer

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