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Mission Recon 8/30/09

Misty cool northwest wind at 9:00 a.m. had me wondering about wearing shorts and my ‘Mission Recon’ Bike Detroit Shirt?  I have been studying the maps of the city to find new ways in and around while seeing parts of the city I have not explored yet.  I headed out and south on Pierce street south of 696.  On over to Mt. Vernon and East across Coolidge to church street and then South through the 1/2 mile stretch of grass which had at one time been a road that was reclaimed and turned green.  Across 8mile onto Hubble the Journey began.When you think of Detroit Public High Schools what comes to mind?  I asked my wife this and she said corruption, broken windows, dis-repair?  On Hubble you will find Cooley High School.  It is the most beautiful High School I have ever seen.  Art Deco influenced with sacred geometry and symbolism all over the walls I thought to myself this place is beautiful, even the lawn was nicely trimmed.  As a fitting tribute, dropped and gave 25 to the place.  Continuing on South across 96 and once again onto Fullerton Street. Fullerton is like a railroad side road of sorts as it runs parallel to a track that heads east to west.  It is empty with a little mixed industrial the vast emptiness had meadows a plenty.  The road is in pretty bad shape so once again I was happy to be on my mountain bike.  Once you cross over Livernios the roads change orientation from East to West to Northwest to South East kind of Paralleling Woodward Ave.  I discovered Roseland Wood Park.  What a nice place.  Old growth trees all evenly trimmed, nice walk way and bench, I took a break to enjoy the scene and the feel of the trees.  I will be bringing my family back to this place so that they can enjoy the experience as well.  I mean it feels nice and clean and is again set into a wonderful collection of classic Detroit homes.  Yet another enclave of historical homes not mentioned on anyone’s list of must see areas in the city, a gem.Onto Lawton I headed South past W. Grand Blvd. and snaked around near I 94 until I decided to turn back for home.  This morning was extra special as people were engaging me with hello’s and have a great day.  More conversation from people I have never met than that of my own neighbors and neighborhood.  The sun broke and the wind started to change.  Up Rosa Parks and west on McNichols I found Parkside Street just after the golf course homes.  Headed on through Sherwood Forest and onto Livernios across 8 mile and back on home.  Another beautiful 32 mile ride on the Urban trail, Bike Detroit!

J. Meyers bike explorer

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