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Critical Mass? 8/28/08

Critical mass in the city of Detroit is dead! Rain or not, zero people showed up for this event. With the rain it felt more like a fall Vancouver ride, one which REI sells gear for. Yet after all this time reading about critical mass throughout the country and here in Detoroit not one person showed except yours truly?

Phil from event tickets as walking around near the stadium so I take our conversation and catch up as being a good enough reson to be there. After leaving the meeting place I enjoyed a tour along the river and in and around the stadium, soaking wet I ended early and changed in Honest Johns Parking lot. It was the first ride out sporting the new Bike Detroit T-Shirts and Gear, (thanks to Armadillo and David in Berkley, Great Job), so with a new shirt on I stopped in at the Motor City Brewery to catch up with Dan and to say hello.

A fellow from Portland Oregon walked over to strike up a conversation about Bike Detroit given the new shirt I was sporting. We talked quite much about Portland and how over 8% of the population there rides bikes to work! Wow! I in turned offered a view of a city that is for the most part empty and discussed at length the freedom from dealing with cars south of the boarder, being 8 mile. All and All another good time even with the no show.

J. Meyers bike explorer

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