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4/18/13 Boulevard Run

The first 5 runs of this season have been relatively uneventful. Let’s face it, wet and cold is not fun unless you are masochistic or in training. Our 3/21/13 ride brought Jen, Lt. Dan and Skater Boy Derek out of the warm winter closet and back out onto the Thursday night trail. We decided to check out Abicks Bar, a historic place been open for 104 years in SW Detroit. Going into that place is like going over to your Aunties living room. You will know who is in charge right away while you in turn can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of another piece Detroit History. For tonight’s ride the weather would be no different than before and perhaps even worse. Some of us decided to show up anyways.

As I looked out my studio window it had been raining all day and the forecast indicated that it would not stop. I took a good 15 min. to change into my gear as my internal monolog switched gears along with each passing minute. First gear, “no one’s going to show up anyways, so why ride?”, second gear “you are going to be soaking wet and won’t dry off once you get there”, 3rd gear, “your cables are going to get grimy and need to be cleaned”, 4th gear, you did not pack your rain fenders and you brought shorts?” catch the drift? Soon it became clear, not from the top down, but rather from the ground up, defeat the conversation in your head and then you can be free!

7.2 miles through the rain and street wide puddles, smeared with the type large dirty streak up ones back that would make a Porn Star smile. While we are out getting down and dirty, lets fill up our shoes with similar water and enjoy the squoose with each peddle pressed. I loved it! I slowed down and breathed deeper than I have in a long while. Sort of found my center and let what I have been holding attached to wash down the drains, along with the rest of the dirty water. When I finally arrived at MCB smiling I walked in to find my main man Gary suited up in gear and ready to roll, what a site!

Been a long while since I sat down with Gary and had a chance to catch up. Seems he has been in training down at the Athletic Club all winter long and his quadricep tear drop looked like a nice sized orange pressed under his skin. Watch out Chris Frey this guy will be keeping right up with us on our trail exploration rides. The rain did stop, just long enough for Gary and me to catch up, and when Rain returned she decided to bring her friends Down and Pour along with her. I told Gary I really did not want to continue out with the ride and he agreed. I saddled up and hit the 7.2 back, changing as I walked in through the door, stopping only long enough, to pour the water out of my shoes, back out onto the front porch.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.

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