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6/21/2011 Inner Park Loop

Tonight’s ride was going to be a tour around our proposed ‘Inner Emerald Necklace’ route that connects 22 parks together on the street less traveled. Angie was ‘Up’ for it but others were not. Bending towards the strong influence of the group we altered our plan and decided a trip down the Detroit River was a good idea. I would like to take a moment here and step towards the direction of please read up on the type of ride prior to coming out and along. Seeing the path that was out before us I decided with some delight, to head on down to River Rouge to ‘Belanger Park’, the City’s finest Park that the good ole stubborn Dr. himself left it behind for all of us to enjoy.

We slide on down and picked up the trail along the river at Riverside Park, over rail road and service trails we made our way by Fort Wayne and knocked but could not come in? From there over the Rouge at ‘Bat Man’ bridge we cut hard left and found ourselves cruising in on East Anchor Street, determined to stay on the back alley trail as much as possible. With a left and spun around right we turned left on Belanger Park Road. Slicing through Industrial Buildings ‘Fortress of Boom’, Banging, Clanging, Stamping….. We feel out of the stinky industrial tunnel and emerged through the green gates/park entry and felt better when we arrived down at the water. It is an amazing site, vistas unlike any along the Detroit River walk. While we were there we saw a Tug Boat come to the rescue of a wayward freight liner spun sideways in the current trying to ‘Back-Into’ the Canadian Port.

We found our way into the Rouge Bar on East Rockwood Street. We headed out to the back deck to take in the Sun. While we were their staring back at the oil refinery the sunlight hit the structure in such a way it turned the white faced into Golden spheres and towering spires. Some saw the ‘Taj-mahal’ while others imagined ‘practical earthly parts’! It was a strong sprint back from there as Amber got hung up with a peddle issue Dan lead the others back to Cork town. We caught up with the attack near Ft Wayne as Dave looped back to see what was taking us, good man that Dave! Amber jumped 6″ off my wheel and we cut the wind all of the way back to the main group.

As we stopped in Cork town it was time for Michael to say good bye. He rode down from Ferndale earlier in the afternoon and figured it was time to get going back. He gets the award for best rider this week. After brief stop @ Cici’s we mounted back up and made it back to MCB sometime after 11, I was thinking maybe I should have left with Mike?

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.

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