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Inner Emerald Necklace Park Tour 04/05/2012

Tonight’s ride started with the understanding that by the time we would be making it back to MCB it would be close to freezing temperatures. Dan, Jen, and yours truly assembled in the parking lot to begin the ride with a intense sense of excitement. It was going to be a real adventure for Dan and Jen, as they had never been to most of the 22 parks that were scheduled as a part of our tour. With the NW wind blowing in our face we were kind of glad to be heading into the wind first rather than later. Off like a shot across the pedestrian bridge the Lodge Freeway quickly was put behind us as we made our way west on Buchanan St.

It is not as easy as you would think cutting straight through the center of abandon parks, where the footpath quickly gets lost in peddle high grasslands. Making quick work of our first 4 parks, we stopped for a brief moment near Joy and Dover to take into our sights two original American Elms that stood as a couple. The two that stood as one, in the face of the Dutch Elm disease that claimed the lives of so many of their friends. Another Land grab blocked our proposed route as we made our way west from Rose Lawn down Westfield. When is all the land grabbing going to be put to a stop? Charting our way around down to Joy, two blocks west and then North again is a pain in the rear, literally. Just as we made our way around this obstacle Val called to say I am here and it was at this point Jen wanted to turn back but at Dan’s insistence we carried on with the Journey.

Making our way over 96 just west of Greenfield, we found ourselves on one of if not the longest pedestrian overpass in the city. The view high above the freeway will not soon be forgotten. From there we charted north into the Historic Grandmont neighborhood that neither Jen nor Dan had ever seen. It was as we were crossing Grandriver the NW wind came looking for us and a chance to push us back and down. It was at this point Both Dan and Jen were calling for a break. We stopped for a minute but then thought it best to continue on with the Journey. The next stop was the now abandoned Cody High school were the Full Moon floated over the Moorish influenced Architecture. We slowed down to ponder the significance of the symbols as I elaborated in typical unveiling fashion. From there we could not make it much further and stopped for a Break at the gas station located at the corner of Lyndon and Meyers after our brief tour of Butzel field and the Historic Cemetery that seems to be all but forgotten…

Crossing back over 96 at Cherrylawn we all agreed that this is the longest pedestrian bridge as it spans the Davison interchange as well as the 8 lane freeway. Flying down the ramp on the other side we quickly made a turn into our next Park that had benefited greatly from recent improvements. Standing under the shelter we pondered our next move and with hands and digits starting to freeze we all agreed it was best to get going and get back to meet up with Val. The ride from there was most remarkable with a brief stop at Central High school where once again we pondered the deeper meaning of the English influenced Cathedral turned school in front of us. More symbols revealing the intent of the founders. Understanding symbols unlocks the Mystery. A quick right turn we enjoyed LaSalle Blvd. the Western Pillar to the original Master Plan. We stopped for a minute in the center of ‘Strength’ LaSalle Gardens to take into consideration the Sephera and feel the flow of the underlying tree. From there it was onto Pallister on over and down 3rd, were we slowly made our way back, from where we once began.

Bike Detroit! James Meyers, bike explorer

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