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Thursday Night Ride 5/19/2011

Cooler temperatures and weird skys left me and Dan standing in the bottling room of MCB talking about our weeks and what we had been working on. We decided that with it being just us that we should keep it simple and head on down to the river and on over to Belle Isle for a good old fashion loop.
Stopping early on, just because, we made our way into ‘Andrews’ to see our good ole burly ABBA loving bartending friend. After a single round, High-life as it were, we were back up on our bikes, streaming on over to the Belle Isle bridge. Dan took the low road and I stayed up on the high side, peddling it with the sky, up over and down the bridge.

Once on the island we slowed down and talked some more, enjoying the glistening sun light and our fellow citizens out enjoying the beam as well. Cutting up the middle by the old Aquarium, we looped out towards the forest and back on to Outer Drive as we made our way back over the bridge.

We cut our way into and on through Easter Market and made our way back to the MCB parking lot. We said our goodbyes before we dismounted and both were off back to our homes and families in a blink of an eye.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Night Ride 5/19/2011

  1. It freaked the ever-living shit out of me back when I was about 3 or 4 and it kind of chills me that theyre bringing it back………….

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