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Thursday Night Ride: 4/21/2011

Hello to all! I wanted to start out by saying the past three rides have been major fun even knowing that there was not much turn out. Chris Frey and a few others came out to enjoy the rides which were for the most part explorative in nature. Today’s ride marks at least for me the real seasonal return of the Thursday Night rides as the group swelled to a total of 6 riders which include Jen and Val, making their warmer return out onto the Urban Trail.

Tonight’s ride was a first for me as well as I was afforded the opportunity to leave from our soon new office location on the East side and travel in via bike down the Goethe Trail as I made my way over to MCB. This street is the ultimate return path for it is like being in a pinball game. With the wind at my back, I flew and reacting low around corners having fun all the way over. With trail mapped out and map in hand, I wanted to check out the trail I was recommending the group take on its return ride as I would need to leave for a meeting at about midway.

Today’s Journey marked a classic return to the Tap Room Trail. A classic route, for sure one that we have taken and refined each season or year, always look forward to returning to the place that Dan met his true love Val. The way out was pretty much the same as we included the eastern most Park of the soon to be published Emerald Necklace trail, commonly known as ‘Algonquin Park’. We dipped in to show those who did not know that this was/is the best Park to put in your kayak or canoe out for a stint on the Detroit River!
With a quick glance at my phone, realizing the time I already knew had past, I had to leave the group there and zip over on Freud Street to make a mad dash right on up to our new office location so I could shower in the sink and change into better smelling and dry clothes.

I had received a report from Jen and Val both saying what a wonderful time they had as the gentlemen that accompanied the ladies would not let them pay one penny for anything! Jen even went as far as to say, “it was the best time she has had all year”! Thursday night rides rock.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.

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