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7/29/2010 Boston Ma. Thursday Night Ride

With the office in order and with the blessing from my wonderful wife I loaded up and hit the trail around 9:00 p.m. after the kids went to sleep. For years I have always wanted to do a great North American garden tour. Finally my time was at hand! After canvassing the world in search of great classic and botanical gardens I decided it was finally time to see what the gilded age netted upon the land in my own country. Ever since biking had become my health/release hobby and passion the time was now at hand, I could do both.

I drove through Canada and ended up sleeping Near Rochester New York. The following morning I was up and on my way Naumkeag Garden outside of Stockbridge MA. And yes the Blue and White staircase set amongst the Birch is as magnificent as you would see in the books you may have read. The garden was eclectic yet unique in its location and elevation changes. Influences from all over the world could be seen and felt.

From there on it was on to Boston a town that had so much history from the revolution, the storied universities and the Emerald Necklace Park System that brought me there. I arrived in town around three o’clock and it did not take me long to get my gear on and call my vehicle back from valet so I could retrieve my bike. I was off to Commonwealth Street and into the Central Park of Boston. Darn, no bikes allowed! I stepped off of my peddles and walked on through towards the Golden Dome of the Capitol Building. Just then some choice lines from the move ‘The Departed’ entered into my head and I knew where I was going next.

Down into the ‘Southey Projects’ as Matt Damon put it, was as simple as crossing over a bridge. I toured the area and thought to myself, projects? They must be kidding? The Projects as they are referred look better than the city of Ferndale and in no way reflected the Brewster or others that once dotted our city sky line? From there I made my way back across the bridge and rode by the Gillette world headquarters I nodded as I went by saying thanks for the close shaves, my wife really enjoys it!

From there it was down Commonwealth heading towards Fenway and the Green Monster. I looped around twice letting all that would see, a fine fellow from Detroit, Mission Recon Jersey on and the Tigers coming in the next night. The place was right in the thick of things, with the backside of the Green monster facing the freeway; the other sides were all tucked in and surrounded by gritty bars and restaurants. From there I made my way into the Emerald Necklace Park System that Olmsted had designed in the late 1800’s. Numerous trails crossed over the asphalt path for which they were not to be denied! Up down all around the bridges looked almost exact to that of the ones in New York’s Central Park.

From there it was onto the Arnold Arboretum and the campus of Harvard University. The Arnold Arboretum is one of our countries oldest and it felt like it too. They had closed off all car entry access points, (Hey Detroit Get a Clue) which made for a free and wonderful journey all the way around. Monster upon Monster stood large tall and proud, but can someone mow the damn lawn? I climbed the hills and enjoyed the view as I made my way through and on up to Harvard Campus. Beautiful Blonds everywhere, all running and working hard to keep the surfaces thin. Where are all of the Nubian Queens which is so much a part of the inner Detroit seen? Blonds were never my style but if it is yours then Boston is the place for you!

Back onto the trial up to Freemont Park the last in the formal necklace grouping. Freemont Park was a dingy conclusion, some prostitutes and drug action but what the hell without dim lights, bright lights could not exist and who am I to Judge? From there it was back all the way round rolling as fast as I could. I was passed three times as the locals were ripping the trail. Back at the hotel I took a second small step as I dismounted my bike, the hills of Boston are a little bit different than the flat lands of Detroit. From there it was into the Hotel bar for a beer then up to the showers to put my walking shoes on so I could continue my exploration via foot.
Bike Boston! J. Meyers bike explorer


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