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7/15/2010 Thursday Night Training Ride

With the heat in the mid nineties I knew tonight’s training ride was going to be sweaty one. The past few days I had spent out in the field at various sites, pushing crews and people who did not want to be pushed through humidity which felt like walking through a cloud of glue. I was looking forward to tonight’s ride to blow out the pipes and let go of myself created steam.
When I arrived home from the field I took a shower before putting my bike riding gear on, (something that seems to always puzzle my wife)? I could not stand the smell of myself and the last thing I was going to do was subject the patrons at my midway point with a double blast of B.O.

The way down I found myself faced with a battle of winds. The hot south was pushing north right into my face, while the cool northwest breeze was fighting to find a way in, in hopes of making its own presence felt. The threat of severe thunderstorms was at hand, as the battle of opposing fronts was all around, making me the subject of their confrontation. I did not break any records on the way down and made it to the Brewery in about 65 minutes. Once there I had to walk around a bit as I was at the point of overheating and wanted to find my balance before I went in to say hi.

After a few waters and 2 summers ale’s the clouds started to turn dark as the cool North West was starting to win the battle. Derek asked if I wanted a ride back as the weather channel was calling for some dicey action. I told him if you’re only going to go half way you might as well stay home. With that being said I was off to greet the incoming storm. I made it through Wayne State Campus when a crack of electricity unzipped the dark brooding sky, letting a flood of water fall down upon the land. Most people are paralyzed by fear, unable to take action because of a misguided belief that the physical plain and form is the only reality they will ever know. I can tell you that people are much easier to control when they live there life in fear. Not me.
Well it didn’t start with a sprinkle, nope it was almost horizontal as I had to duck and tuck in so as not to be blown into the adjacent kerb like a dingy out in the ocean with too large of a sail. Instead of running, hiding or seeking shelter I open my heart and embraced the rain. I imagined it was a gift to be in that moment and somehow or another it was a trial of faith over fear for which my reward was to have any lingering sin washed away. Pushing my peddles hard, my shoes filled up with water I was ahhhh finally cool from all those hot sticky days in the field. Branches breaking, leaves and twigs flying through the air all around with big ole me slapping the peddles hard without even a care. From my heart I reached up to the heavens, with a wonton prayer, asking the angels and the ethereal water elemental creatures to take me apart and wash away any lingering sin or stain.

By the time I reached Palmer Park the heavens started to settle down. From there on it was one flooded street lake after another that my tires had to swim through. I felt like a kid again! When I was a young boy we used to run for our bikes to meet the rain, finding the biggest puddle we could, ride through and jump in to sit and swim. Something happened to me on this ride, something magical and special. Upon my return home my psychically gifted wife noted the change. She gently asked what happened out there, you have not felt this good for over a year? I told her I opened up my heart and the heavens cleansed me.
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