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6/24/2010 Thursday Night Ride

For about a year now I have wanted to take a group of riders down into the city River Rouge to explore the neighborhood just south of Jefferson Ave.  Today was the day to do just that.  Ted from the Charles Wright African American Museum and Derek from the crew at MCB were anxious to get going out on the route I came up with earlier in the day.  We were off flowing west and then again south by way of Clark Street we made our way onto Jefferson Ave.

Our first stop was Kovacs Bar where as the place was as empty as usual other than the single regular and Ma Kovac’s still tending the bar.  It was hot and we were just thirsty as we had just one drink and a whole lot of water we quickly continued on with our journey.  Once across the Gotham City Draw Bridge, (looks like it is fresh out of a Batman movie) we quickly turned left on to Victoria street. From there it was Marion Hwy. over to Belanger Park Road.  At first we passed it but being the old trail sniffer that I am I called the group back to turn around and check-er-out.  We were all glad that I did.

What a gem, river access park benches and a beautiful view of the Black Oak Heritage Park just across the river.  I could make out one of those beach inlets as I shared with the group that it would be a good time to head on back over and check the trails out personally.  We all sat on the benches and relaxed for 5 minutes taking in the vibe and the view.  It is worth the trip to pack a meal load up a bucket of suds and head on down with the family to see and enjoy what we had re-discovered.   Back on the bikes and out to the main road we made a left and continued on to Great lakes Blvd.  Along the way we all asked the same question why fence the adjacent neighborhood out?  Whatever happened to seamless interconnectivity?

We found ourselves at the river rouge bar and grill where we were warmly met by Charlie, his gal and about 8-10 women who were out celebrating one of their party’s birthday.  The big blonde gal whose birthday was the occasion of celebratory event was friendly, extremely friendly!  She was touch feely all over Derek who more than once had to move away.  Next it was my turn, she asked what my name was?  I told her my name was married!  Even so she still persisted and asked where we had ridden from as the fun was just getting started.  Wise ole Charlie was cracking wise from his stoop at the bar, laughing hard at the flirtatious attempts.  Blondie followed us out the door still asking the same question as to where we had come from and where we were riding to next?  We hastily made our goodbyes and ducked into the nearby neighborhood as quickly as we were able.

We laughed often as we were all kind of floored by the wanton hopes of a birthday present that none of us were willing to give.  The neighborhood was vibrant and colorful not vacant or abandoned at all.  Making our way back we hoofed it on in as Ted front tire started to lose air his journey became more glue like, slowly getting slower each mile as we went.  We made it back and Derek was off like a shot.  It was a good thing he chose to leave when he did!  As I made it back out to the parking lot to change my shirt, birthday girl was strolling up to the front door with three more ‘Hungry’ girls in tow.  She had brought out her gang, all made up, womanly war paint laid on thick,  fumigated with perfume they were looking to have a real party.  I ducked into the van as quick as I could, slinking down in the driver’s seat like a married coward, I was laughing out loud as I could not believe what had just arrived.  They mulled around the front door looking but never stepping in, Ted was lucky to be in the bathroom when the eyes of the ‘Hungry’ were cowering the room, looking for something to eat, I think looking for Derek!

Bike River Rouge/Detroit J. Meyers bike explorer

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