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First Thursday Night 04/08/2010

With the chill wind howling out of the west I was not quite sure how many people were going to show up for our first ride of the season?   Dan was ready, Big Mike showed up a little late and Derek was inspired and walked-run home to get his bike and come back and join us.  Today’s ride was a first down many a new street as we attempted to find a section of town on Springwells Street that had been recently discovered during over the winter City Park tour.Our destination was viable and intense community south of Vernor and North of I-75 tucked in near Patton Park. 

We crossed over the Lodge following the Canfield footbridge.  Sliding around the intersection of Grand River Ave we turned right and made our way for the first time onto Buchanan.  Charting southwest on Buchanan we passed by Victorian era- old now out buildings, with meadowlands and a few blighted sculptures or paintings that always seem toreappear, etched in-between.  Many were the vast expansions of simplistic fresh-new natures growth, now owning were ‘real estate?’ once stood. 

Okay there were a few ‘One Ways’ I did not know about and perhaps I unlike others who shall remain unnamed, still strongly believe that we should flow with traffic on the right and not head on in the left.  With those two jaunts behind us we slid around Michigan Ave and made a hard fast right onto Edward Street.  (Okay I will admit that the intersection of Livernois and Mich. Ave is a little amped up, none the less it was worth passing through).  Edward brought us again Southwest and dead-ended into Central Ave. Crossing over John Kronk and the vast rail yard we continued on and over Dix 1 block south to Pitt we turned right and soon found ourselves on Springwells heading southeast.

Passing by 3-4 interesting establishments we ended up at Charlie’s Place circa 1933. Authentic bar and counters from 1933 art deco/modern, you tell me?  We asked if we could bring our bikes in and yes once again were welcomed in heartily. (Not one place has turned us down yet)!  The motorcycle guys gave us some ribbings as Mike and I had our self serving bikedetroit.com jerseys.  They suggested that “’Colors’ are not welcomed in here”, to that I said we are on two wheels without any motors so our colors did not apply!  A few laughs and Dan step forward and ordered us a round of award winning, pabst blue ribbon beer.  Good place, good energy, we were, as I think all will be welcomed-received!

From there our journey continued onto Jefferson and unto ma Kovac’s place.  Taking Jefferson, onto the railroad tracks, Derek did not like the mud and potholes for his sleek, clean, retro, flier ten-speed!  We blasted on through as he snaked his way all over avoiding getting his machine dirty.  On by the foundry which seemed quite this night?  Past the Joe and the Ren Cen we headed northwest and back home. Passing on the way Jacobi’s, Greek town, nearby the stadium the gathering opening day crowed was alive with the energy of anticipation. 

Is this a real city alive tonight?

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer 


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