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Thursday Night Training Ride

4/23/2009 Thursday Night Training Ride: A way to bust ones ass back in shape.

Departing from Lathrup Village I turned on Linclon and rode through Royal Oak on my way to Hilton Street.  Turning 1 block prior to Hilton I headed South and hit the sidewalk over to cross a the light.  After Crossing I enjoyed the designated bike path and went down to Woodward Heights Blvd.  Turning left I went pass the elementry school and turned right on the next street. I hit the softball field paking lot for my second set of pushups, slow and deep.  To my surprize a fair lady walking her dog said that “it looks real good and was I training for a race”? No was my reply as I said just getting in shape for the bike Detroit Thurdsay night rides, she wnated me to stop and as she was asking for more I said check out the website and good luck getting in shape.  Heading to the light I turned left on 9 mile to the first street on the right, West End I think and headed down to just 3 blks shy of 8 mile.  Turning left I headed on over to John R and turned right and preceeded to cross over 8 mile.  Passing by the “ladies for sale”, I went across seven mile and just before six mile I said hello once again to the security gaurd at the Historic Rathskeller German Resturant, (If you havent been check it out for an authentic German village expereince, beer, food and great Music on the weekends.)

Crossing over 6 mile till John R dead ends I turned left and went through a somewhat tough Neghboorhood which sometimes will include some ‘Gang Bangers’,  none the less practicing feeling good and saying hello I came through once again without any conflict.  Turning right on Oakland Blvd. I headed down past the backside of the old Historic Model T factory to the next light and turned right picking up John R again abut 3/4 of a mile down I turned left.

This is were John R starts to get beautiful, John R becomes a vacant one way 4 lane road boy what a release.  Stopping once again at a framilure push up spot, walking around to catch my breath, I listened to a couple of guys say, “I hope he does not do it right there”?  I looked over and said boys proper form, and laid down 25 onto the grass.  As I stood up they said, “man how many was that”, to that I replyed “25 and oh by the way you guys didn’t think I was going to take a leak right here did you”?  They smiled and luaghed as I left to continue on with my ride.  Down to Canfield I turned right and crossed over Woodward and two blocks later I was visiting with my friends at the Motor City Brewery.  Dan and John are great people and local heros who have a place of community for which I recomend eneryone visit.  After a couple of blueberry sizers and good conversation I started the journey home.  Turning right on Second I went North and straight on through the Campus at Wayne State.  Heading North to the Fisher building a quick right left and continued on second actross 6 mile and on into Palmer Park.  Turning left at the dead end I enjoyed the park and found a framilure spot to stop, drop and give it 25, back on the bike on up to the light at 7 mile.  Turning left again and onto the first light I turned right and headed into the Sherwood Forest Historic Subdivision.  Arhing through I come out 1 block south of 8 mile turning right on Livernois.  Crossing over at 8 mile heading north to the first light I turn left and headed on to the next street were I made a right. At the dead end I turn left and headed west to another dead end intersection.  I turned right again on an official bike only lane heading north to the next light.  I turned left again and traveled west to the first stop sign.  I turn right and headed north across 9 mile on to Hero’s Park were I always stop, drop give whatever I have left.  From there I snake through Oak Park on my way back home to Lathrup Village.

J. Meyers Bike Explorer

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